1. Policies
  2. QA Matrix for Macintosh
  3. QA Matrix for Windows
  4. QA Matrix for Other Stuff
  5. Win32 bjam Issues
  6. Mac OS bjam Issues
  7. stderr Issues


  • Anyone may edit the build matrix at any time
  • Use the following format when filling in a square: {changelist} {initials} {details}
    • changelist is the changelist against which you tested this square
    • initials are your initials
    • details are any more details such as bug numbers, questions, etc. (if necessary)
  • Color code the background of the matrix according to the status
    • Green (bgcolor=’lightgrey’) All is ok.
    • Yellow (bgcolor=’yellow’) Outstanding issue under investigation
      • Please mark the box with a note. If it is extended, use the [name](#subsection) notation. (Example: 1)
    • Red (bgcolor=’red’) Failure

QA Matrix for Macintosh

XCode 2.4 PPC XCode 2.4 Intel
IDE bjam IDE bjam
Debug Release Debug Release Debug Release Debug Release
Build (Adobe Begin and the bjam test suites) 681 FB 681 FB 681 FB 2 681 FB 2 681 SP 681 SP 681 SP 2 681 SP 2
alert 692 FB
align_reverse 692 FB
align_right_test 692 FB
alignment_test 692 FB
big_popup 692 FB
checkbox_control 692 FB
checkbox_radio_button_suite 692 FB
cycle_test 692 FB
e01_clipping_path 692 FB
edit_number_suite 692 FB
edit_text_suite 692 FB
empty_containers 692 FB
empty_dialog 692 FB
find_and_replace (2 eve files) 692 FB
grow 692 FB
image_size (2 eve files) 692 FB Bug #1533337
inequality 692 FB
mini_image_size (3 eve files) 701 FB
named_function_suite 692 FB
nested_group 692 FB
optional_panel 701 FB
overconstrain 692 FB 3
progress_bar_suite 692 FB
slider_suite 692 FB Bug# 1533468
sort_lines 692 FB
tabs_and_panels 692 FB

QA Matrix for Windows

IDE bjam bjam
Debug Release Debug Release Debug Release
Build (Adobe Begin and the bjam test suites) 681 FB 689 FB 689 FB 689 FB 689 FB 689 FB
alert 681 FB
align_reverse 682 FB
align_right_test 682 FB
alignment_test 682 FB
big_popup 682 FB
checkbox_control 682 FB
checkbox_radio_button_suite 682 FB
cycle_test 682 FB
e01_clipping_path 682 FB
edit_number_suite 682 FB
edit_text_suite 683 FB
empty_containers 683 FB
empty_dialog 683 FB
find_and_replace (2 eve files) 683 FB
grow 683 FB
image_size (2 eve files) 689 FB Bug# 1533337
inequality 689 FB
mini_image_size (3 eve files) 701 FB
named_function_suite 689 FB
nested_group 689 FB
optional_panel 701 FB
overconstrain 689 FB 3
progress_bar_suite 689 FB
slider_suite 689 FB
sort_lines 689 FB
tabs_and_panels 689 FB

QA Matrix for Other Stuff

Cygwin GCC 3.4.4 bjam Debug 689 FB
Cygwin GCC 3.4.4 bjam Release 689 FB
Doxygen documentation Build

Win32 bjam Issues

Due to the bjam hackery involved in getting the manifest files to copy to their destinations while building with bjam, the debug/release variants must each be built with separate commands. i.e., the command:

bjam msvc-7.1 debug release

…will fail for debug, while

bjam msvc-7.1 debug
bjam msvc-7.1 release

…will succeed.

Mac OS bjam Issues

The ‘install’ stage of the bjam build process is hackneyed due to lack of an engineer fluent in bjamese. In some cases the copying of one or more file(s) will fail, in which case the destination file is then deleted successfully. A subsequent execution of bjam will then copy the file successfully to its final destination.

stderr Issues

Errors reported to stderr will go to the console on MacOS X; access to stderr is not easy on win32. An alternative should be explored.