1. Basic Description
  2. Semantics / Rationale
  3. Requirements
  4. API
  5. Other Issues
  6. Related Work

Basic Description

The reveal (or progressive disclosure) widget is similar to a checkbox, except it has no false value. (A checkbox having an explicit false value gives it the ability to be in an indeterminant state, when it is neither true nor false.)

Semantics / Rationale

The basic behavior of a reveal widget is an arrow or icon that can be clicked on, at which point the arrow “turns down” and an optional panel to which the value is bound reveals itself. The alternate term “progressive disclosure” is more descriptive of the semantics, as there are extended pieces of the UI that are hidden until the user chooses to reveal them.


What are the fundamental requirements this widget must meet in order to solve the problem for which it was created?


What does the interface of the widget look like?

Other Issues

What other issues will need consideration?

What additional code must be written to support this widget? What platform implementations / APIs can be leveraged when implementing this widget?