1. Required Software
  2. Directions

Required Software

Programs you will need (both from a command line):

  • rsync (a *nix utility that comes with Mac OS X and can be installed for cygwin)
  • Browser (FireFox, IE, etc.)


  1. Build the doxygen documentation on your computer, making sure the warning file is empty at the end
  2. Open a command line terminal
  3. Assuming your ASL sources are stored at ~/opensource/, execute the following rsync command:
    • rsync -az --progress --stats ~/opensource/submission/adobe/documentation/html/ ; echo "rsync done."
    • You may get some permission warnings for some directories like “.” – those are ok
  4. When the rsync is complete, open your browser and head to
    • Note that you may have to log in with you LDAP information
  5. Once the page has loaded (it could take a while given the volume of pages in a directory) hit the “Check all push boxes” button at the top of the page.
    • If you are uploading directories with content make sure the “Push all subdirectories of checked items” checkbox is checked as well.
  6. Hit the “Push and/or Delete!” button
  7. After about 10-15 minutes you should see the public web site updated.