Latest Release: v1.6.0

Released: Feb 9, 2021
Sources: changes  |  zipball  |  tarball
  • Backport the library to support C++14 and later
  • Better auto-configuration - no need for compiler flags.
  • Supported for threaded wasm using the portable tasking system (auto-configured).
For older releases, the full list is available on GitHub.


  • Forest: An Introduction

    Hierarchies. Everyone uses them, so why are they difficult to maintain? In this article we explore forest, a data structure that makes hierarchies self-maintainable, so you can go back to thinking about the data they contain.

  • Small Object Optimization for Polymorphic Types

    At Meeting C++ 2017 I presented a lightning talk Polymorphic Task Template in Ten which showed an easy way to implement a polymorphic task template, similar to std::function, with a small object optimization in 10 minutes.

    Unfortunately, the small object optimization, as described, leads to undefined behavior. As a general rule, you cannot store an object of one type in memory and read it back as another, even if the other type is the objects base class (there are exceptions to this rule, but they do not apply to this situation).

    This tip looks at the details of the issue and describes a solution which turns out to be more efficient although it does require slightly more, and more complex, code to implement. A small object optimization for polymorphic types is a very useful construct so it important to understand how it can be done correctly.

  • New Concurrency Library

    A new concurrency library was added as a first one to this new stlab instance.

    This library provides an alternative to the C++11/14 and upcoming C++17 TS futures. As well it provides an implementation of channels that allow the creation of process graphs.

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